Is 9-inch Penis a Good Size to Enjoy Sex?

If you have a 9-inch penis and you are still confused about whether or not it’s a good enough size to enjoy sex and provide your partner the pleasure that they deserve, then this post is for you.

Before I start talking deeply about this, you must understand that penis size does not have as much impact on sex as you think. There are other factors like stamina and girth that also matter.

Now, let’s come to the point…

Is 9 inches a good penis size?

Most of the time, 9 inches is good penis size to be able to enjoy sex and satisfy your partner. But it depends on your partner how they like it—some prefer just 6 inches while some perfectly enjoy a 9-inch penis.

According to a report published in BJUI, the average size of the erect human penis comes out to be 5.17 inches. It means, most men have their penises around 5-6 inches and they still enjoy sex. So if you have a 9-inch monster, there are high chances that she will enjoy having it.

But know that to be able to enjoy sex, there are other factors involved too:

  • Your stamina in bed
  • Girth of your penis
  • Your understanding of your partner’s body
  • Sex positions you choose
  • The foreplay, etc.
9-inch penis

Can I hurt my partner if I have a 9-inch penis?

Yes, you can hurt your partner with a 9-inch-long penis. If you are not careful, and if your partner is not in the mood for it. But that’s why you need to be careful and considerate of her feelings.

You see, it is not just about size but also about how you use it. And again, there are several factors involved, it depends on:

  • Your partner and their preference
  • The kind of sex you’re having—vaginal, anal, or oral
  • The sex positions you choose, etc.

The bottom line is, be mindful and gentle while having sex with a 9-inch penis and you will be good to go.

Do 9 inches guarantee that I will be good in bed?

No! It’s not guaranteed that you will be good in bed with a 9-inch penis. Just being bigger is not enough for good sex.

Having a large penis does not mean that you have more staying power than others. Some men with smaller penises last longer than men with larger ones.

Having a big penis doesn’t necessarily make it easy for you to reach orgasm faster than others either. It depends on the person who is receiving the pleasure and how they react to stimulation by touch, sight, and sound as well as smell and taste.

The thing that matters the most when it comes to sexual performance is how well we communicate with our partners (both verbally and non-verbally) and how much pleasure we give them through various techniques like oral sex or foreplay before intercourse.

What does a 9-inch penis look like?

A 9-inch penis looks like two soda cans on top of each other. Something like shown in the picture below:

What a 9-inch penis looks like

A US-standard soda can is 4.83 inches long and keeping one can over the other makes it 9.66 inches long. So a 9-inch penis will be just a bit smaller than a soda can on top of the other.

What percentage of men have 9 inches?

As mentioned earlier in this post, the average penis size comes out to be 5.1 inches while erect.

So men with 9-inch penises are not common. And as per an assumption, less than 1% of men worldwide have their penises 9 inches long.

Are there guys with penises more than 9 inches long?

Yes, but it’s extremely rare for someone to have a penis more than 9 inches without any surgery. Someone like that would come in the top 0.1% (or probably lesser) of the world population of men.

However, in 2013 a guy did an AMA session on Reddit where he claimed to have a 12-inch penis. He answered people’s questions that you can check out.

What are the best sex positions for 9-inch penises?

There’s a lot of pressure on guys with big penis.

Not only do they have to worry about hiding it from their partners, but they also have to worry about hurting them during sex.

For this reason, many men with large penises feel inadequate and insecure about their size.

However, there are some sex positions that are perfect for guys with large penises, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your partner or being embarrassed by the size of your penis ever again!

Here are some of our favorite sex positions for men with large penises:

1. Doggy style

If you’re gentle and mindful during the sex, the doggy-style sex position can be really enjoyable for both. As doggy style prevents deep penetration, it reduces the chances of hurting your partner during sexual intercourse.

2. Reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a girl-on-top sex position where your partner rides your monster while facing away from your face. It’s a position that prevents even accidental deep penetration and can be a great choice for guys with 9 inches.

3. Reverse spooning

Reverse spooning is when you try to penetrate your partner while facing each other and lying sidewise on the bed. According to Women’s Health Magazine, this position tends to facilitate shallow penetration and leaves lots of space for kissing, stroking, and clitoral rubbing.

4. Standing doggy

In the standing doggy position, your female partner stands against a wall and you penetrate her from behind with your 9-inch penis. Healthline suggests that it may take a little squatting or tippy-toe action to get the angle just right, making this a bit of an advanced move.

5. Tight missionary

While missionary sounds scary for a penis that long, the female partner has the freedom of keeping their legs together when you’re penetrating. She can control how deep she wants by tightening her legs.

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FAQs about 9-inch penis

Is a 9-inch penis considered monstrous?

Depending upon the preferences of your female partner, a 9-inch penis may be monstrous or even just right to be able to have a spicy sex life.

Do women enjoy 9-inch penises?

Most women fear a 9-inch penis, but some really enjoy it. A woman shared her experience on Quora saying that she enjoys every bit of a 9-inch penis.

Can I increase my penis size from 5 inches to 9 inches?

It’s very unlikely to grow a penis from 5 inches to 9 inches in length as 4 inches growth is rare. But there are techniques that allow you to safely increase your penis length up to 2 inches within weeks.

That’s it.

If you have a related query, feel free to let me know by dropping a quick comment.

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