What Does a Penis Taste Like?

If you soak your fingers in honey then they taste like honey after licking them. Otherwise, fingers don’t have a taste of their own.

And it’s almost the same with a penis, they taste like any other skin (bland or tasteless) in general. But they can taste like sweat if tasted a while after the wash.

But again, that’s not the case all the time!

Let’s dive deeper…

Taste of a penis

The taste of a penis can vary a bit depending on the person and several other factors, some factors can be:

  • If the person was wearing a flavored condom then the penis will taste like latex and the flavor of the condom.
  • If the penis was last washed a long time ago, it may taste a bit sweaty depending on how much the person sweats.
  • If the penis is not cleaned properly for a long time, it may taste bitter and pungent as well.
  • Some people claim that eating pineapple makes your cum as well as your penis taste sweet a bit, but I am not sure about it.
  • The taste of a penis can also be perceived a bit by how it smells. If a penis smells bad then most probably it tastes bad as well.
What does a penis taste like

A person on Quora explains, “I’m kind of a person who pukes easily, but I like sucking my boyfriend’s penis. However, I can’t suck anyone else because it sounds dirty for me”. And that says that whether the taste of a penis is bearable or not depends on how you perceive the person as well.

Note that the taste of a penis and the taste of cum is completely different from each other. And both vary from person to person.

The taste of a penis can be described differently by different people who have tasted it. I found a video on YouTube where girls are describing what a penis taste like:

It’s an interesting video, isn’t it?

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Final words

From my personal experience, I like the taste of my man’s penis, a lot. Most of the time, it tastes like I am licking my own finger. But sometimes, it tastes a bit salty if he hasn’t washed it for a while.

And I would love to know your view on the topic, what does a penis taste like in your opinion? Kindly let me know in the comments below.

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