Are Pisces Good in Bed?

Compassionate, artistic, and intuitive are some words that are often used to describe Pisces – the twelfth sign of the zodiac. But when it comes to their performance in the bedroom, are these fiery traits enough to make Pisces good in bed?

The answer is, yes, Pisces can be good in bed. But like all other astrological signs, there are several other factors involved in determining sexual compatibility.

So, if your zodiac sign is Pisces (मीन, mīna) and you’re looking to spice up your sex life, or you’re curious about what your Pisces lover has to offer, keep reading. Discover if Pisces truly live up to their reputation as exciting sexual partners.

Pisces sex life

With its ruling planet Neptune, Jupiter and associated element Water, Pisces are known for their empathetic, gentle, and imaginative personality traits that often translates into the bedroom.

But what about their sexual prowess?

Well, we have good news — Pisces are assigned a sex score of 75 that you see in the image below:

Are Pisces Good in Bed?

Here is a quick table highlighting the sex life of Pisces:

Aries CharacteristicValue
Sexual traitsromantic, emotional, intuitive
Sexual energy intensityLow
Sex frequencyLow (once a week or less)
Non-sexual intimacyImportant
Physical touchImportant
Sexual creativityImaginative
Role-playingOpen to trying
ExperimentationOpen to trying
Power dynamicsOpen to trying

And based on all these above sexual characteristics and traits, Pisces get assigned a sex score of 75 which is great.

Why are Pisces so good in bed?

Understanding the astrological strengths of Pisces zodiac sign can give insight into why they are so good in bed. Here are five ways that the fiery Pisces sign, stands out as a sexual partner in bed:

Why are Pisces So Good in Bed?

  1. Empathetic nature: As a water sign, Pisces are highly empathetic and intuitive. They can easily sense their partner’s needs and desires, making them attentive and caring lovers. In bed, they focus on their partner’s pleasure and emotional connection, creating a deeply intimate and satisfying sexual experience.
  2. Creative imagination: Pisces are known for their imaginative and dreamy nature. This translates to the bedroom, where they enjoy exploring their partner’s fantasies and desires. They have a natural ability to create a sensual and romantic atmosphere, making sex a passionate and emotional experience.
  3. Sensitivity to touch: Pisces are highly sensitive to touch, making them skilled at sensual and romantic gestures. They enjoy soft kisses, gentle caresses, and intimate embraces, creating a sensual and affectionate sexual experience. Their sensitivity also allows them to pick up on their partner’s body language, making them excellent at communicating and responding to their partner’s needs.
  4. Desire for spiritual connection: Pisces are spiritual and introspective, and they seek deep emotional connections with their partner. In bed, they look for a deeper connection that goes beyond the physical, focusing on the emotional and spiritual connection with their partner. This creates a profound and transcendent sexual experience.
  5. Ability to be submissive: As a mutable sign, Pisces are adaptable and flexible. This allows them to be open to new experiences and to take on a submissive role in the bedroom. They enjoy pleasing their partner and are willing to try new things, making sex an exciting and adventurous experience for both partners.

Pisces sex compatibility

Some of the zodiac signs that Pisces are most sexually compatible with are:

  • Cancer: With both signs being emotional and nurturing, the sexual experience may be focused on sensual and intimate bonding. The sexual relationship may be comforting and secure, with both signs valuing emotional connection and deep intimacy.
  • Scorpio: With both signs being passionate and intense, the sexual chemistry may be powerful and transformative. The sexual experience may be focused on exploring their deepest desires and fantasies, with both signs valuing emotional connection and spiritual transformation.
  • Taurus: With both signs being sensual and romantic, the sexual experience may be focused on physical pleasure and indulgence. The sexual relationship may be comforting and stable, with both signs valuing physical intimacy and sensuality.
  • Capricorn: With both signs being loyal and committed, the sexual experience may be focused on building a deep sense of physical and emotional security. The sexual relationship may be dependable and satisfying, with both signs valuing long-term commitment and stability.

You can also click on the above to learn more about those zodiac signs.

Popular sex positions for Pisces

When it comes to sex positions, Pisces love a bit of action and excitement. Here are some of the best sex positions for Pisces to try:

  1. Lotus: The intimate and tender nature of this position is perfect for Pisces. It allows them to connect emotionally with their partner while feeling the physical sensations.
  2. Spooning: This position is perfect for Pisces who love to cuddle and enjoy intimacy. It provides a sense of security and comfort to both partners.
  3. Mermaid: Pisces are known to be sensual and creative, and the mermaid position allows them to explore and showcase their creativity. This position allows for deep penetration while being in a unique and creative pose.


1. Are Pisces female good in bed?

Yes, Pisces female good in bed as they are romantic, emotional, and intuitive. Also, the sex score of 75 confirms that they are good in bed.

2. Are Pisces male good in bed?

Just like the females, Pisces male are also great in bed with their romantic, emotional, and intuitive sexual traits. Again, the sex score of 75 confirms that they are good in bed.

3. What are some turn-ons for Pisces?

Some turn-ons for Pisces are connection, fantasy, and spirituality.

4. What are some turn-offs for Pisces?

Some turn-offs for Pisces are criticism, harsh reality, and lack of empathy.

5. How can the sexual characteristics of Pisces be defined in one sentence?

The sexual characteristics of Pisces can be defined as: dreamy, imaginative, and may be drawn to partners who can help them explore their fantasies and may prefer gentle, romantic encounters.


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