Is Sex Overrated?

Based on personal experiences, at some point, you might start thinking that sex is overrated.

But it’s simply NOT true.

Sex is not overrated!

This blog post will explain how and why sex is not overrated. It will be a short read and I am sure you will enjoy reading this.

is sex overrated

Understanding the core of sex

Sex is the fundamental aspect of human biology.

It plays a significant role in people’s intimate relationships and provides them with physical pleasure and emotional intimacy. The majority of people consider sex to be an essential part of their overall well-being and mental health.

You might have watched those videos where older couples are asked what is the key to happiness in life, and they reply, “have lots of sex”.

Yes, it’s true. In most cases, a good sex life also means good bonding between the couples.

Reasons why sex is not overrated

Here are some reasons that scream that sex is not overrated, but an essential part of our lives:

1. Physical aspects of sex

Sex is often thought of as a physical activity, with a focus on the sensations and pleasure it can provide. During sex, hormones such as adrenaline, oxytocin, and endorphins are released, creating a pleasurable experience.

And getting these hormones are never enough.

2. Emotional aspects of sex

In addition to the physical sensations of sex, there is also an emotional component that plays a role in sexual experiences. Sex can have emotional benefits, such as stress relief and improved mood.

And who doesn’t want these emotional benefits that sex offers?

3. Psychological aspects of sex

The psychological factors that impact sexual behavior are equally as important as the physical and emotional components. Sexual expression and fulfillment can bring psychological benefits, such as improved self-esteem, body image, and relationship satisfaction.

And I’m sure you’d want these improvements in you.

4. Societal and cultural aspects of sex

The societal and cultural factors that influence sexual behavior are significant, as they can shape our expectations and attitudes toward sex. For example, society expects you to raise kids so that humans don’t become extinct in the long run.

And again, see, sex is not overrated. Our existence depends on it.

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But there is no denying that having too much sex can make you want to stay away from it for some time.

Some people can get really addicted to it but that doesn’t mean the whole idea of sex is overrated. In fact, addiction thing is possible for a lot of things out there apart from sex.

Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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