Do Girls Like Sucking Dick?

The answer to the question “do girls like sucking dick” would be both: YES and NO. It really depends on the person, not everyone likes the same stuff.

We asked 1000+ girls if they like giving blowjobs to their male partners and received interesting results.

Let’s take a detailed look…

What girls say about sucking dick

For this survey, we created a simple Google Form and asked all the respondents to respond honestly. There were 2 questions in the form:

  • Do you give blowjobs to your partner? and
  • Do you love giving blowjobs only because he likes it, or do you really enjoy doing it?

We shared the survey form in a bunch of Reddit and Facebook communities and received a total of 1012 responses. Out of 1012 girls, 769 girls responded that they do suck their partner’s dick.

Do you give blowjobs to your partner?

And out of those 769 girls, 354 responded that they do blowjobs because he likes and 415 girls said that they suck dick because they like it.

Do you love giving blowjobs only because he likes it, or do you really enjoy doing it?

Now, let’s see some girls’ personal experiences and opinions…

Girls’ opinion on sucking dicks

Not just this, we went ahead and asked some of the girls their personal experiences as well as opinion about giving blowjobs to their partners — most had positive but some had bad experiences as well.

I haven’t mentioned anyone’s names here, as most of them asked to be anonymous.

First, positive experiences:

  1. “I love the feeling of power I get from making my partner feel so good. It’s like I have all the control in the world.”
  2. “I love seeing how turned on my partner gets when I’m going down on them. It’s a huge turn-on for me too.”
  3. “I enjoy the physical sensation of giving a blow job, it becomes really pleasurable for me too.”
  4. “I feel really proud of myself when my partner tells me how much they enjoyed it. It’s a great confidence booster.”
  5. “It’s such a great way to explore my partner’s body and find out what they like. It’s like a fun experiment.”

From these responses, you can see that some girls like sucking dick because they like it, and some because their partner likes it.

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Now, negative experiences:

  1. “I don’t like when my partner tries to push me to do more than I’m comfortable with. It’s important to respect boundaries.”
  2. “I don’t like feeling like it’s expected of me. I want to be able to decide when and if I want to give my partner oral sex.”
  3. “I don’t like feeling like I’m doing all the work. It can be tiring and I want my partner to reciprocate.”

Again, from these responses, some girls don’t like sucking dick because it’s boring and some because their partner forces them in a way.

What Reddit girls have to say about sucking dicks

I went to several subreddits to search and understand if ladies actually like giving blowjobs. And again, some really loved it whereas some hated it. Here are some screenshots showing the same:

reddit about sucking dick 1
reddit about blowjobs 2
reddit about blowjobs 3
reddit about blowjobs 4

Most of these screenshots are from the r/AskWomen subreddit on Reddit.

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Final words

Just like how one size doesn’t fit all, not all girls like sucking dick — some really like it, some just do it because their partner loves it, and some really hate it as well.

Personally, I love giving bare-back blowjobs to my partner a lot.

But what about you? Kindly share your experience in the comments below.

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