Are Taurus Good in Bed?

Dependable, patient, and sensual are some words that are often used to describe Taurus – the second sign of the zodiac. But when it comes to their performance in the bedroom, are these fiery traits enough to make Taurus good in bed?

The answer is, yes, Taurus can be good in bed. But like all other astrological signs, there are several other factors involved in determining sexual compatibility.

So, if your zodiac sign is Taurus (वृषभ, vṛṣabha) and you’re looking to spice up your sex life, or you’re curious about what your Taurus lover has to offer, keep reading. Discover if Taurus truly live up to their reputation as exciting sexual partners.

Taurus sex life

With its ruling planet Venus and associated element Earth, Taurus are known for their reliable, stable, and practical personality traits that often translates into the bedroom.

But what about their sexual prowess?

Well, we have good news — Taurus are assigned a sex score of 79 that you see in the image below:

Are Taurus Good in Bed?

Here is a quick table highlighting the sex life of Taurus:

Aries CharacteristicValue
Sexual traitsromantic, affectionate, devoted
Sexual energy intensityMedium
Sex frequencyMedium (a few times per week)
Non-sexual intimacyImportant
Physical touchImportant
Sexual creativityTraditional
Role-playingDon’t like
Power dynamicsOpen to trying

And based on all these above sexual characteristics and traits, Taurus get assigned a sex score of 79 which is great.

Why are Taurus so good in bed?

Understanding the astrological strengths of Taurus zodiac sign can give insight into why they are so good in bed. Here are five ways that the fiery Taurus sign, stands out as a sexual partner in bed:

Why are Taurus So Good in Bed?

  1. Sensual and earthy nature: Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure. This makes them sensual and indulgent, valuing physical touch, comfort, and pleasure. In the bedroom, they bring this same appreciation for sensory experiences, making sex a deeply satisfying and pleasurable experience.
  2. Patient and dependable: Taurus is known for their reliability and practicality. In bed, this translates to a patient and attentive lover who takes their time to please their partner. They are dependable and committed to ensuring their partner’s satisfaction, making them highly skilled and attentive lovers.
  3. Openness to indulging in luxurious experiences: Taurus loves luxury and comfort, and they bring this same appreciation to the bedroom. They enjoy indulging in luxurious experiences, such as using high-quality bedding or enjoying sensual massages, which can make sex feel more special and intimate.
  4. Romantic and affectionate: Taurus is a deeply romantic sign that values emotional connections and physical touch. In the bedroom, they bring this same affectionate and loving energy, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere for lovemaking. They enjoy expressing their love through physical touch, making sex a deeply emotional and fulfilling experience.
  5. Devoted and committed: Taurus is a fixed sign that values stability and commitment. In the bedroom, they bring this same devotion and commitment, making sex a highly intimate and connected experience. They value building a deep connection with their partner, which can make for a highly satisfying and fulfilling sexual relationship.

Taurus sex compatibility

Some of the zodiac signs that Taurus are most sexually compatible with are:

  • Virgo: With both signs being grounded and practical, the sexual chemistry may be satisfying and attentive to detail. This can make for a stable and enjoyable sexual relationship, with both signs valuing physical touch and sensuality.
  • Capricorn: This sign may offer a reliable and dependable sexual experience, with both signs valuing practicality and stability. The sexual relationship may be focused on indulging in their senses in luxurious ways, with a shared work ethic and practical outlook.
  • Cancer: The sexual experience may be nurturing and intimate, with both signs valuing emotional connections and physical touch. Taurus and Cancer may create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to explore their desires and share a deep emotional connection.
  • Pisces: This sign may bring a sense of dreaminess and creativity to the sexual relationship, with both signs valuing romance, sensuality, and fantasy. The sexual experience may be imaginative and experimental, with both signs indulging in their desires in a creative way.

You can also click on the above to learn more about those zodiac signs.

Popular sex positions for Taurus

When it comes to sex positions, Taurus love a bit of action and excitement. Here are some of the best sex positions for Taurus to try:

  1. Bull: This position is perfect for Taurus as it allows them to use their strength and endurance. The Taurus partner can take control and set the pace while their partner lies on their back. The Taurus partner can also use their strength to hold their partner in place for deeper penetration.
  2. Doggy Style: This position offers deep penetration, which Taurus loves. It allows them to take control and dominate from behind. Taurus can use their strength to hold their partner in place and maintain control.
  3. Cowgirl: Taurus loves to take control and cowgirl is the perfect position for them. They can ride their partner while taking charge and dictating the pace. This position allows for deep penetration and control.


1. Are Taurus female good in bed?

Yes, Taurus female good in bed as they are romantic, affectionate, and devoted. Also, the sex score of 79 confirms that they are good in bed.

2. Are Taurus male good in bed?

Just like the females, Taurus male are also great in bed with their romantic, affectionate, and devoted sexual traits. Again, the sex score of 79 confirms that they are good in bed.

3. What are some turn-ons for Taurus?

Some turn-ons for Taurus are touch, smell, taste, and routine.

4. What are some turn-offs for Taurus?

Some turn-offs for Taurus are rushing, being pushed, and lack of sensuality.

5. How can the sexual characteristics of Taurus be defined in one sentence?

The sexual characteristics of Taurus can be defined as: sensual earthy, and enjoy physical pleasure and comfort, and may prefer a slow, steady approach to sex.


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