Are Cancer Good in Bed?

Emotional, intuitive, and caring are some words that are often used to describe Cancer – the fourth sign of the zodiac. But when it comes to their performance in the bedroom, are these fiery traits enough to make Cancer good in bed?

The answer is, yes, Cancer can be good in bed. But like all other astrological signs, there are several other factors involved in determining sexual compatibility.

So, if your zodiac sign is Cancer (कर्क, karka) and you’re looking to spice up your sex life, or you’re curious about what your Cancer lover has to offer, keep reading. Discover if Cancer truly live up to their reputation as exciting sexual partners.

Cancer sex life

With its ruling planet Moon and associated element Water, Cancer are known for their compassionate, imaginative, and protective personality traits that often translates into the bedroom.

But what about their sexual prowess?

Well, we have good news — Cancer are assigned a sex score of 75 that you see in the image below:

Are Cancer Good in Bed?

Here is a quick table highlighting the sex life of Cancer:

Aries CharacteristicValue
Sexual traitsaffectionate, nurturing, intuitive
Sexual energy intensityLow
Sex frequencyLow (once a week or less)
Non-sexual intimacyImportant
Physical touchImportant
KinkinessOpen to trying
Sexual creativityOpen to trying
Role-playingDon’t like
Power dynamicsDon’t like

And based on all these above sexual characteristics and traits, Cancer get assigned a sex score of 75 which is great.

Why are Cancer so good in bed?

Understanding the astrological strengths of Cancer zodiac sign can give insight into why they are so good in bed. Here are five ways that the fiery Cancer sign, stands out as a sexual partner in bed:

Why are Cancer So Good in Bed?

  1. Emotional connection: Cancer is an emotional and nurturing sign that values intimacy and connection. In the bedroom, this translates to a deep emotional connection with their partner. They enjoy exploring their partner’s desires and fantasies, making sex a deeply satisfying and fulfilling experience.
  2. Sensitivity and attentiveness: Cancer is a detail-oriented and attentive sign, which makes them great at picking up on their partner’s needs and desires. They are sensitive and caring lovers who are always looking for ways to make their partner feel good.
  3. Protective nature: Cancer is a protective sign that values the safety and security of their partner. This translates to a willingness to explore new things in the bedroom, while still creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere. They are also attentive to their partner’s emotional needs, making sex a nurturing and supportive experience.
  4. Imaginative and romantic: Cancer is an imaginative and creative sign that enjoys indulging in fantasies and exploring sensuality. They bring a dreamy and romantic energy to the bedroom, making sex a deeply intimate and passionate experience.
  5. Experimentation nature: Cancer is open-minded and curious, always looking for new ways to explore their desires and fantasies. They enjoy experimenting with different positions and techniques, making sex a playful and exciting experience. Overall, Cancer’s emotional and nurturing nature, combined with their creativity and open-mindedness, makes them a truly exceptional lover.

Cancer sex compatibility

Some of the zodiac signs that Cancer are most sexually compatible with are:

  • Scorpio: With both signs being intense and emotional, the sexual chemistry may be powerful and transformative. The sexual experience may be focused on exploring the depths of their desires and emotions, with both signs valuing intimacy and commitment.
  • Pisces: This sign may offer a dreamy and romantic sexual experience, with both signs valuing sensuality and fantasy. The sexual relationship may be imaginative and creative, with both signs indulging in their desires and exploring their fantasies.
  • Taurus: The sexual experience may be nurturing and intimate, with both signs valuing emotional connections and physical touch. Taurus and Cancer may create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to explore their desires and share a deep emotional connection.
  • Virgo: With both signs being detail-oriented and attentive, the sexual experience may be satisfying and focused on the senses. The sexual relationship may be stable and reliable, with both signs valuing practicality and physical touch.

You can also click on the above to learn more about those zodiac signs.

Popular sex positions for Cancer

When it comes to sex positions, Cancer love a bit of action and excitement. Here are some of the best sex positions for Cancer to try:

  1. Spooning: Cancer is a romantic and affectionate zodiac sign, and the spooning position allows them to connect with their partner on an intimate level while also feeling safe and secure.
  2. Standing Doggy Style: Cancer loves feeling secure and supported, and standing doggy style allows their partner to hold them close while also giving them the deep penetration they crave.
  3. Reverse Cowgirl: Cancer can get a little wild when they’re feeling adventurous, and the reverse cowgirl position allows them to take charge and explore their dominant side.


1. Are Cancer female good in bed?

Yes, Cancer female good in bed as they are affectionate, nurturing, and intuitive. Also, the sex score of 75 confirms that they are good in bed.

2. Are Cancer male good in bed?

Just like the females, Cancer male are also great in bed with their affectionate, nurturing, and intuitive sexual traits. Again, the sex score of 75 confirms that they are good in bed.

3. What are some turn-ons for Cancer?

Some turn-ons for Cancer are mood setting, eye contact, and emotional connection.

4. What are some turn-offs for Cancer?

Some turn-offs for Cancer are rejection, criticism, and feeling unappreciated.

5. How can the sexual characteristics of Cancer be defined in one sentence?

The sexual characteristics of Cancer can be defined as: emotional, nurturing, and enjoy intimacy and connection, and may be drawn to partners who are sensitive and supportive.


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