Can Cockroaches Live in Your Penis?

Recently, you must have seen the “can cockroaches live in your penis” meme going viral, mainly on Instagram. In a way, it took the internet by storm thousands of people started searching the term on Google. And then the story got picked by several news portals as well.

So, what is it?

The phrase got viral with an Instagram post and then spread out from there.

Can cockroache live in penis - Instagram

So what is the truth? Can cockroaches really crawl up and start residing in your pp?

But seriously, can cockroaches live in a penis?

No, it’s not possible for cockroaches to live in your penis. The phrase started as a meme, and everyone started discussing it and that’s when people who were late to the meme started believing as if it was a genuine thing.

You can see people joking in Reddit threads as shown in the screenshot below:

Reddit discussion about can cockroaches live in your penis

You will find tons of such instances where someone would be joking without making it an obvious joke-like. And then people would get confused about whether it’s true or what.

What’s the logic behind it?

There is no logic behind it. After reading several posts and comments related to “can cockroaches live in a penis”, I am sure that there is ZERO logic behind it.

And you know that the human penis is, sometimes, informally mentioned as “cock” and the word “cockroach” also contains “cock”. So some internet users are saying that because cockroaches live in the penis, that’s why it is also called a “cock”.

Which is NOT correct! It is just a joke.

MelMagazine states that a cockroach probably would eat your dick if it was the only thing around for it (cockroaches will eat anything, even cardboard), but it’s definitely not crawling up your urethra for no reason.

There is another myth that got extremely popular in 2020 is “can apple juice grow my pp” and we have debunked the myth in the post.

Wrapping it up

I laughed so hard when I first came across this joke about cockroaches living in your pp. I am sure your reaction was the same.

Some websites report that the screenshot (that Google one) in the Instagram post was doctored just to panic everyone and just to get likes on the post, in a way.

I am saying it again, no, cockroaches can’t live in your penis.

I am curious to know what’re your thoughts on this. Kindly let me know by dropping a quick comment below.

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