Are Aries and Virgo Good in Bed?

If you’re wondering whether Aries and Virgo pairing can be good in bed, the answer is a resounding yes, they can be good in bed. But like all other astrological signs, bed compatibility depends on various factors.

While these two zodiac signs have different approaches to sex, their shared qualities and interests can create a powerful sexual connection.

Whether you are Aries or Virgo, or simply curious about this pairing, keep reading to find out why this combination can be hot, satisfying, and a potentially great match between the sheets.

Aries and Virgo in bed

Aries and Virgo sexual compatibility in bed

Aries and Virgo are given a sexual compatibility score of 63 which you can see in the image below:

Aries and Virgo sexual compatibility

And to provide you with more insights about the topic, here’s a quick comparison table of the key sexual characteristics and traits of Aries and Virgo:

Sexual Characteristicsenergetic, impulsive, and enjoy a lot of physical contact and may be attracted to novelty and excitement in the bedroomdetail-oriented, practical, and may focus on technique and hygiene, and may prefer partners who are attentive to their needs
Sexual Traitsenergetic, spontaneous, dominantromantic, affectionate, devoted
Turn Onsphysical activity, dirty talk, and noveltytouch, smell, taste, and routine
Turn Offspassivity, being ignored, and indecisionpassivity, being ignored, and indecision
Sexual Energy IntensityHighLow
Sex FrequencyHigh (multiple times and week or even day)Low (once a week or less)
Sexual CreativityOpen to tryingTraditional
Role PlayEnjoyDon’t like
FantasyOpen to exploringLimited
ExperimentationEnjoyDon’t like
Power DynamicsOpen to tryingDon’t like
Non-sexual IntimacyDependsImportant
Physical TouchImportantSometimes
Enjoymentenjoy being in control, rough sex, and trying new thingsenjoy perfection and cleanliness during sex, and may have a foot fetish or enjoy being dominated
Sex PositionsCowgirl, Doggy Style, MissionaryWheelbarrow, Yab Yum, Plow

Based on the above info, you must have got an idea of the sexual chemistry between the two.

Sexual differences between Aries and Virgo

Now, let’s explore some of the ways Aries and Virgo may differ when it comes to sex:

Sexual EnergyHigh and passionateMore reserved and cautiousCan lead to frustration
Attitude towards Sexual ExplorationOpen and adventurousMore hesitant and cautiousCan create tension if Aries feels restrained or if Virgo feels pressured to try new things
Approach to SexImpulsive and spontaneousAnalytical and detail-orientedCan lead to frustration if Aries feels their passion is not reciprocated or if Virgo feels overwhelmed by Aries’ intensity

The differences are not to be afraid of, you can work them out with proper communication. And in some cases, these differences can be beneficial as well.

Sexual similarities between Aries and Virgo

Apart from the differences, there are some similarities between the two as well. Let’s take a look…

  1. Strong work ethic: Both Aries and Virgo are hardworking and determined individuals, which can translate into their sex lives. They may have a strong desire to please their partner and put effort into satisfying them.
  2. Need for variety: Despite their differences in approach, both Aries and Virgo may enjoy exploring new things in the bedroom and trying out different techniques or positions to keep the spark alive.
  3. Attention to detail: Aries and Virgo both have a tendency to be detail-oriented in their daily lives, and this can carry over into their sexual experiences. They may pay close attention to their partner’s body and reactions, seeking to understand and fulfill their desires.

Are Aries women and Virgo men good in bed?

Yes, Aries women and Virgo men can be a great fit in the bed. However, sexual compatibility depends on various other factors like individual preferences and communication between the partners.

Are Aries women and Virgo men good in bed?

Aries women are known for confident and assertive, like to be in control, enjoy a challenge, strong sexual energy. And on the other hand, Virgo men are typically practical and attentive, pay attention to details in bed, appreciate routine and consistency, seek mental stimulation.

Are Aries men and Virgo women good in bed?

Again, Aries men and Virgo women can be a great fit in the bed. However, sexual compatibility depends on various other factors like individual preferences and communication between the partners.

Are Aries men and Virgo women good in bed?

Aries men are known for passionate and impulsive, enjoy taking the lead, enjoy experimenting and trying new things, high energy and stamina in bed. And on the other hand, Virgo women are typically analytical and precise, pay attention to the needs of their partner, value hygiene and cleanliness in bed, seek emotional connection.

Tips for a fulfilling sexual relationship

Here are some interesting and useful tips for a fulfilling sexual relationship between Aries and Virgo:

  • Take it slow: Virgo tends to be more reserved and cautious, while Aries is more impulsive and adventurous. It’s important to find a balance between these two styles and take things at a pace that is comfortable for both partners.
  • Focus on foreplay: Both Aries and Virgo can greatly benefit from a focus on foreplay, as it can help them both get in the mood and build up anticipation for the main event. Aries can use their creativity and passion to bring excitement, while Virgo can bring attention to detail and sensitivity to the experience.
  • Be patient with each other: Aries and Virgo may have different sexual energies and attitudes towards exploration, which can create some tension. It’s important to be patient with each other and willing to compromise to find a balance that works for both partners.
  • Embrace each other’s strengths: Aries and Virgo both have unique strengths in the bedroom. Aries can bring passion, creativity, and excitement, while Virgo can bring attention to detail, sensitivity, and a desire to please. Embracing these strengths and using them to enhance the experience can lead to a fulfilling sexual relationship.


1. Are Aries and Virgo sexually compatible?

Yes, Aries and Virgo are sexually compatible with a score of 63. And as mentioned earlier, apart from the score, there are several other factors at play here.