Wheelbarrow Sex Position: Everything You Need to Know About

Want to be the captain of your own sexual pleasure? Look no further than the magnificent Wheelbarrow Sex Position!

According to a study conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, at least 1,000 participants were asked about their sexual desires. The study revealed that the wheelbarrow move was one of the top picks, with almost half of the participants admitting to using this complex move to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the bedroom! The Wheelbarrow sex position is a must-try for anyone who wants to add some spark to their intimate moments. It’s perfect for both experienced lovers and those just starting out.

We’ve got all the tips and tricks to make your experience even more amazing. So, let’s heat things up and have some fun!

Wheelbarrow sex position

What is the Wheelbarrow sex position?

The Wheelbarrow sex position is a standing position that involves penetration from the back. In this position, the giving partner stands and holds the receiving partner’s legs while the receiving partner balances on their hands in a plank-like position. The giving partner then lifts the receiving partner’s legs off the ground and holds them at waist level.

The giving partner can penetrate the receiving partner in either their vagina or anus using a penis or dildo. Though it may seem difficult at first, with some practice, it can be a fun and exciting way to spice up your sex life.

Wheelbarrow sex position data chart

Alternate name(s)Dangling, Suspended congress, Shoulder stand, Plank position
Position type(s)Doggy style, Standing, Rear entry
ComplexityHard level
Best locationFloor
PenetrationMiddle penetration
StimulationP-spot stimulation
PettingHolding her buttocks
*Feasibility: This refers to how easy it is to perform the position. This ranges from 1 (very difficult) to 10 (very easy).
**Impressiveness: This refers to how visually impressive or exciting the position is. This ranges from 1 (not impressive at all) to 10 (extremely impressive).
***Romanticness: This refers to how romantic or intimate the position is. This ranges from 1 (not romantic at all) to 10 (extremely romantic).

Advantages and disadvantages

advantages and disadvantages of Wheelbarrow sex position

Advantages of Wheelbarrow position

  • Increased sexual stimulation: The Wheelbarrow sex position allows for deep penetration and can provide intense stimulation to both partners.
  • Physical challenge: This position requires muscular strength and endurance, making it a full-body workout and potentially improving overall physical fitness.
  • Heightened intimacy: The close proximity and physical support required in this position can lead to a feeling of intimacy and closeness between partners.

Disadvantages of Wheelbarrow position

  • Difficulty achieving orgasm: Some individuals may find it challenging to reach orgasm in this position, as it requires a lot of physical effort and concentration.
  • Limited accessibility: The Wheelbarrow sex position may not be accessible for individuals with physical limitations or disabilities.
  • Risk of injury: This position requires a great deal of strength and balance and can be physically challenging, increasing the risk of injury to one or both partners.

How to do Wheelbarrow sex position?

How to do Wheelbarrow sex position

  1. Find a sturdy surface: The penetrating partner should find a sturdy surface, like a wall or a piece of furniture, to lean against.
  2. Assume the position: The receiving partner starts by getting into a plank-like position on the floor, balancing on their hands and arms. The penetrating partner then lifts the receiving partner’s legs off the ground and holds them at waist level.
  3. Adjust for comfort: The receiving partner may need to adjust their arm and hand placement to find a comfortable position. The penetrating partner should also adjust their grip and stance as needed to maintain balance.
  4. Begin penetration: Once both partners are comfortable and balanced, the penetrating partner can slowly begin to penetrate the receiving partner either in their vagina or anus.
  5. Experiment with variations: Depending on the strength and endurance of both partners, they can experiment with variations of the wheelbarrow position, such as angling the receiving partner’s legs higher or lower, or adding in thrusting or rocking movements.

What the man does in the Wheelbarrow position

Role in the position

In the Wheelbarrow sex position, the man plays a supporting role while the woman is in a more active position. The man stands upright while the woman supports her weight on her arms and hands. The man’s role is to support the woman’s legs and hips, and guide them into the proper position for penetration.

Supports the woman

To support the woman, the man should stand with his feet shoulder-width apart and hold the woman’s legs just above the knees, with his hands placed firmly around the outside of her thighs. He should position himself close to the woman, so that her weight is centered over his hands, making it easier to hold her up. The man should also be mindful of the woman’s comfort and stability, adjusting his grip as needed to maintain balance and avoid straining her muscles.

Stimulates the woman

In terms of stimulation, the man can use his free hand to touch and caress the woman’s body, providing her with extra stimulation and increasing her arousal. He can also use his hips to thrust gently and rhythmically, providing a satisfying and pleasurable sensation. Communication is important throughout the experience, so the man should listen to the woman’s feedback and adjust his movements accordingly to maximize her pleasure and satisfaction.

What the woman does in the Wheelbarrow position

Role in the position

The woman is the receiving partner and has to support her weight on her arms and hands while being held by the man. The woman’s arms should be straight and aligned with her shoulders to maintain balance. The woman’s legs are raised and positioned at waist height, and the man holds onto them to support her weight.

Controlling the depth and pace of penetration

The woman can control the depth and pace of penetration by adjusting the angle of her body. She can use her arms to shift her weight forward or backward to change the angle of penetration. The woman can also use her legs to control the speed and rhythm of penetration by adjusting the pressure on the man’s hips or by pushing herself back onto him.

Touching herself or her partner

In the Wheelbarrow position, it may be difficult for the woman to touch herself, but she can still stimulate her partner or herself by using her free hand or verbally communicating with her partner. The woman can use her free hand to stimulate her partner’s genitals or to touch herself, such as rubbing her clitoris. She can also use her voice to express her pleasure and give feedback to her partner.

Likeness for the position

Do men like the Wheelbarrow sex position?

The answer to whether guys like the Wheelbarrow position is subjective and depends on individual preferences.

Some men may find the Wheelbarrow position particularly enjoyable, as it allows for deep penetration and gives them a great deal of control over the depth and angle of penetration. This position can also be stimulating for men as it provides a view of the woman’s body from a unique angle. Additionally, the position can be seen as a fun and adventurous way to switch up the routine of more conventional sexual positions.

On the other hand, some men may not enjoy the position due to the physical demands it requires of both partners. Supporting the weight of the female partner can be strenuous, and may be too much for some men to handle. Others may simply not enjoy the position due to personal preference or discomfort in the position.

Do women like the Wheelbarrow sex position?

Again, the answer to whether women like the Wheelbarrow position is subjective and depends on individual preferences.

Some women may find this position exciting and pleasurable, while others may not enjoy it as much.

For women who enjoy this position, it can provide a new level of sexual stimulation and intimacy with their partner. The position allows for deep penetration, which can be particularly stimulating for some women. Additionally, the unique angle of penetration can lead to powerful G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

However, for women who are uncomfortable with the position or who do not feel secure being held up, it may not be as enjoyable. It can also be physically demanding and challenging, particularly for women who are not as fit or who have physical limitations.

Ultimately, sexual preferences are personal and can vary greatly between individuals. It is important to discuss what positions you both enjoy and are comfortable with to ensure a positive sexual experience.

How to master Wheelbarrow position

Mastering the Wheelbarrow sex position involves a combination of technique, comfort, and communication between partners. Here are a few tips to help you master this position:

  1. Build up your upper body strength: Since the Wheelbarrow sex position requires the receiving partner to support themselves with their arms and hands, it’s important to build up your upper body strength to be able to hold yourself up comfortably.
  2. Try anal play: If both partners are comfortable with it, the Wheelbarrow position can be a fun way to experiment with anal play. Incorporate a small anal toy or a finger for added stimulation and pleasure. Remember to use plenty of lubricant and start slowly to avoid discomfort or injury.
  3. Take breaks as needed: If you start to feel fatigued, take a break and rest before continuing. This position requires a lot of strength and endurance, so it’s okay to take breaks as needed.
  4. Take control: The Wheelbarrow sex position can be a dominant position, with the giving partner in control of the depth and pace of penetration. However, the receiving partner can also take control by guiding the giving partner’s movements and letting them know what feels good.
  5. Add clitoral stimulation: To increase pleasure for the receiving partner, you can add clitoral stimulation using fingers or a vibrator. The giving partner can also use their free hand to stimulate the receiving partner’s breasts or other erogenous zones.

With these tips, you and your partner can work together to master the Wheelbarrow position and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

Tips and tricks to spice up the experience

Here are 3 ways to spice up the Wheelbarrow position:

  1. Build up to the position: Start with other sex positions and build up to the Wheelbarrow position. Foreplay, dirty talk, and teasing can also help build anticipation and make the experience more exciting.
  2. Try different entry points: The Wheelbarrow position is traditionally performed with the receiving partner facing downwards, but it can also be performed with the receiving partner facing upwards. Experiment with different entry points to find what feels best.
  3. Use sex toys: Adding sex toys to the mix can enhance the sensations and make the experience even more intense. Vibrators or butt plugs can provide additional stimulation during penetration.

Health and safety considerations

While the Wheelbarrow sex position offers numerous benefits and allows for more control and customization, it’s essential to consider the physical, emotional, and safety considerations that come with this position.

Physical considerations

  1. Muscular strength and endurance: The wheelbarrow sex position requires a significant amount of muscular strength and endurance, particularly in the arms, shoulders, and core. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or injuries that affect these areas should approach this position with caution or avoid it entirely.
  2. Increased risk of hernia: Lifting and holding the weight of the receiving partner can put a strain on the giving partner’s pelvic area and increase the risk of hernia. The giving partner should ensure that they have the necessary strength and avoid sudden movements that could cause injury.
  3. Increased risk of falling: Because the receiving partner is balanced on their arms and hands, there is an increased risk of falling or losing balance during the position. This risk can be mitigated by ensuring that the surface is stable and non-slippery.

Emotional considerations

  1. Shame or guilt: Some partners may experience feelings of shame or guilt related to engaging in sexual activities that are seen as “non-traditional” or taboo. The Wheelbarrow sex position can be particularly challenging in this regard, as it requires a certain level of physical and emotional openness and vulnerability. It is important to approach the activity with an open and non-judgmental attitude, and to communicate clearly about any concerns or discomfort.
  2. Performance pressure: Because the Wheelbarrow sex position requires a certain level of strength and balance, some partners may feel pressure to perform well or impress their partner. This pressure can lead to feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt, which can be emotionally challenging. It is important to approach the activity with a playful and relaxed attitude, and to prioritize communication and mutual enjoyment over performance.
  3. Body image: Like many sexual activities, the Wheelbarrow sex position can be a source of body image anxiety for some partners. The receiving partner may feel self-conscious or vulnerable in this position, particularly if they are concerned about their physical appearance. Create a non-judgmental and body-positive environment, and to prioritize acceptance and appreciation of each partner’s unique physical qualities.

Safety considerations

  1. Risk of falls: The receiving partner may lose their balance and fall, leading to injuries. It’s essential to make sure that the surface is non-slippery, and there are no obstacles that could cause a fall.
  2. Overexertion: This position is a full-body workout that can lead to exhaustion and dehydration, leading to fainting or other medical issues.
  3. Injury to the penis or dildo: The partner on top may accidentally slip or lose their grip, leading to injuries to the partner’s penis or dildo. It’s essential to use caution and ensure that the partner on top has a firm grip.

Variations of Wheelbarrow position

The Wheelbarrow position can be varied in several ways to create new and exciting experiences for both partners. Some common modifications of Wheelbarrow sex position include:

  • The One-Legged Wheelbarrow: This variation involves the receiving partner lifting one leg off the ground while the other leg is supported by the giving partner. This allows for deeper penetration and the opportunity for the receiving partner to control the depth and pace of penetration.
  • The Splitting Wheelbarrow: This variation involves the receiving partner spreading their legs apart while the giving partner holds onto their legs. This allows for deeper penetration and a different angle of entry.
  • The Elevated Wheelbarrow: This variation involves the receiving partner being elevated on a higher surface, such as a table or countertop, with the giving partner standing on the ground. This allows for deeper penetration and a different angle of entry.

It is important to communicate with your partner about what feels good and what modifications work best for both of you.

Similar sex positions to try

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1. Why is this sex position called Wheelbarrow?

The Wheelbarrow sex position is called so because the pose of the receiving partner resembles the position of a person holding a wheelbarrow. In this position, the receiving partner is supported by their arms and hands, and their legs are lifted off the ground, which creates a shape similar to that of a wheelbarrow. The giving partner stands behind them and penetrates them from behind, making it a popular position for anal sex. The name of this position is derived from the resemblance of the pose to a wheelbarrow, which is a common gardening tool consisting of one wheel and two handles used to carry materials such as dirt, rocks, or plants.

2. Is Wheelbarrow sex position safe during pregnancy?

It is generally not recommended for pregnant individuals to engage in the Wheelbarrow sex position due to potential risks to both the pregnant person and the fetus. This position requires the receiving partner to bear weight on their arms and hands while the penetrating partner supports them, which can be strenuous and potentially harmful for a pregnant person’s abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.

Additionally, the Wheelbarrow position may increase the risk of falling or losing balance, which can be especially dangerous for pregnant individuals who are already at a higher risk for falls and injuries. The sudden movements and strain involved in this position may also put unnecessary stress on the body and potentially harm the developing fetus.

During pregnancy, it is important to be mindful of positions that may be uncomfortable or pose a risk to the growing fetus. And if you’re feeling any kind of discomfort during Wheelbarrow, consult with a doctor to ensure that the sexual activity is safe for you and your baby.

3. Can you get pregnant in Wheelbarrow sex position?

Yes, pregnancy is possible in the Wheelbarrow sex position or any other sexual position. Pregnancy occurs when sperm fertilizes an egg, and this can happen regardless of the sexual position.

You can use contraception if you do not wish to become pregnant.



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