Speed Bump Sex Position: Everything You Need to Know About

Want to be the captain of your own sexual pleasure? Look no further than the magnificent Speed Bump Sex Position!

As per Metro, one of the major advantages of the speed bump position is that it allows the couple to get closer to each other as compared to the traditional doggy-style position.

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the bedroom! The Speed Bump sex position is a must-try for anyone who wants to add some spark to their intimate moments. It’s perfect for both experienced lovers and those just starting out.

We’ve got all the tips and tricks to make your experience even more amazing. So, let’s heat things up and have some fun!

Speed Bump sex position

What is the Speed Bump sex position?

The Speed Bump (or flat iron) sex position is a from-behind position where the receiving partner lies on their stomach, and the penetrating partner enters them from behind. The penetrating partner can kneel and enter the receiving partner’s vagina or anus. Once inside, the penetrating partner can continue the forward movement and lay on top of the receiving partner, with their entire bodies pressed against each other.

This position provides a lot of skin-to-skin contact, making it feel more intimate.

The position is also suitable for people who enjoy pegging, and the use of a dildo with a strap-on harness can make it easier for newcomers to experiment with this practice.

Speed Bump sex position data chart

Alternate name(s)Lying groundhog, Body surfing, Flat Iron
Position type(s)Anal sex, Doggy style, Man on top
ComplexityMedium level
Best locationSofa
PenetrationDeep penetration
StimulationA-spot stimulation, G-spot stimulation
PettingHolding her buttocks
*Feasibility: This refers to how easy it is to perform the position. This ranges from 1 (very difficult) to 10 (very easy).
**Impressiveness: This refers to how visually impressive or exciting the position is. This ranges from 1 (not impressive at all) to 10 (extremely impressive).
***Romanticness: This refers to how romantic or intimate the position is. This ranges from 1 (not romantic at all) to 10 (extremely romantic).

Advantages and disadvantages

advantages and disadvantages of Speed Bump sex position

Advantages of Speed Bump position

  • Intense stimulation: This position can offer intense stimulation for both partners. The angle of penetration can provide deep, powerful sensations that may lead to a more intense orgasm.
  • Physical contact: This position allows for a lot of physical contact between partners. Couples who enjoy being close to each other during sex may find this position to be especially intimate.
  • Control: The partner on top has a lot of control in this position. They can set the pace and depth of penetration, which can be very empowering.

Disadvantages of Speed Bump position

  • Penis discomfort: The angle of penetration in the Speed Bump position may cause discomfort for the partner with a penis. The angle may cause a sharp or uncomfortable bend in the penis, which can be painful.
  • Difficulty: This position can be difficult to get into and maintain. It may require a certain level of flexibility and strength, which not all couples possess.
  • Limited access: The partner on bottom may have limited access to their partner’s body, which may limit other sexual activities.

How to do Speed Bump sex position?

How to do Speed Bump sex position

  1. Start in a missionary position: The penetrating partner begins by lying on top of the receiving partner in a missionary position.
  2. Lift the receiving partner’s legs: The penetrating partner then lifts the receiving partner’s legs and holds them up to create a 90-degree angle.
  3. Thrust while holding legs: The penetrating partner begins to thrust while holding the receiving partner’s legs. The receiving partner can either keep their legs straight or wrap them around the penetrating partner’s waist.
  4. Increase or decrease intensity: Depending on the preferences of both partners, the intensity of the thrusting can be increased or decreased.
  5. Switch positions: To prevent exhaustion or discomfort, partners can switch positions or take breaks as needed.

What the man does in the Speed Bump position

Role in the position

In the Speed Bump sex position, the man is the penetrating partner and plays an active role. The primary role of the man in this position is to thrust into the woman while she is supported on her hands and knees.

Supports the woman

To support the woman, the man can place his hands on her hips or lower back, providing stability and control during the thrusting motion. He can also hold onto her shoulders or upper back, providing a more intense and intimate connection. The man should focus on maintaining a steady rhythm and speed that feels comfortable and pleasurable for both partners.

Stimulates the woman

To stimulate the woman, the man can use his hands to caress and stimulate her erogenous zones, such as her breasts, clitoris, and inner thighs. He can also vary the depth and angle of his thrusts to provide different sensations and target different areas of the vagina. Additionally, the man can verbally communicate with the woman to ensure she is comfortable and enjoying the experience.

What the woman does in the Speed Bump position

Role in the position

In the Speed Bump sex position, the woman takes the role of the receiving partner. Her role is to get down on her hands and knees, facing away from her partner, and arch her back so that her butt is raised high in the air. This posture allows her partner to penetrate her from behind while holding her hips for support.

Controlling the depth and pace of penetration

The woman has a considerable amount of control over the depth and pace of penetration in the Speed Bump sex position. By arching or lowering her back, she can adjust the angle and depth of penetration to suit her preferences. Additionally, she can slow down or speed up the pace of thrusting by shifting her weight forward or backward. This control allows her to find the perfect rhythm and intensity for her pleasure.

Touching herself or her partner

In the Speed Bump sex position, the woman can touch herself in various ways to increase her pleasure. She can use her hands to stimulate her clitoris, breasts, or any other erogenous zones. Additionally, she can reach back and fondle her partner’s testicles or perineum to add extra stimulation for him.

She can also touch her partner by reaching back and placing her hands on his hips, thighs, or buttocks. This physical connection can help increase intimacy and make the experience more pleasurable for both partners. Overall, the woman can use her hands to explore and experiment with different touches that feel good for her and her partner.

Likeness for the position

Do men like the Speed Bump sex position?

The answer to whether guys like the Speed Bump position is subjective and depends on individual preferences.

The Speed Bump sex position is a unique position that can provide new and exciting sensations for both partners. As it requires the woman to lie down on her stomach with a pillow under her hips, it can be a particularly attractive position for men who enjoy taking control and exploring new ways to penetrate their partner. Men may enjoy the position as it allows them to experience deeper penetration while being in a dominant role. The added pressure and friction created by the woman’s legs pressing together can also add to the intensity of the experience.

However, since every man is different, and not all men will enjoy this position. It may be uncomfortable for some men to maintain their balance in this position or to hold themselves up while thrusting. Additionally, the position may not be as visually stimulating for some men, as their partner’s back and buttocks will be facing them.

Do women like the Speed Bump sex position?

Again, the answer to whether women like the Speed Bump position is subjective and depends on individual preferences.

Some women may find this position to be incredibly pleasurable, while others may not enjoy it as much. However, the Speed Bump position does offer some benefits for women. For instance, women can control the depth and pace of penetration in this position, which can lead to more pleasurable experiences. Women can also stimulate their clitoris or G-spot during this position, which can result in intense orgasms. Additionally, the position allows for a good range of motion, which can be helpful for women who like to change things up during sex.

That being said, some women may not like the Speed Bump position for a few reasons. First, the position can be physically demanding and require some degree of flexibility. Women who have mobility issues or are not very flexible may find this position to be uncomfortable or even painful. Also, some women may not enjoy the pressure on their knees or the angle of penetration in this position. Finally, the position may not be suitable for women who prefer deep penetration during sex.

Ultimately, sexual preferences are personal and can vary greatly between individuals. It is important to discuss what positions you both enjoy and are comfortable with to ensure a positive sexual experience.

How to master Speed Bump position

Mastering the Speed Bump sex position involves a combination of technique, comfort, and communication between partners. Here are a few tips to help you master this position:

  1. Stretch and warm-up: Before trying the Speed Bump sex position, always stretch and warm up. This position requires a lot of flexibility, so stretching exercises can help you prepare your muscles and reduce the risk of cramps and strains.
  2. Explore different movements: The Speed Bump sex position offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to movement. Try grinding, rocking, or bouncing to find the right rhythm for you and your partner.
  3. Use your hands: The receiving partner can use their hands to support themselves or stimulate their clitoris while in this position. The penetrating partner can also use their hands to caress their partner’s back, hips, or thighs.
  4. Switch up dominance: Although the receiving partner is typically in control in the Speed Bump sex position, the penetrating partner can switch things up by taking charge and using their hips to drive the action.
  5. Experiment with pillows: Using pillows to prop up your hips can help adjust the angle of penetration and make the position more comfortable. Try different sizes and positions to find what works best for you.

With these tips, you and your partner can work together to master the Speed Bump position and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

Tips and tricks to spice up the experience

Here are 3 ways to spice up the Speed Bump position:

  1. Dirty talk: Talking dirty during sex can be a huge turn-on for both partners. It can enhance the intimacy and connection, and make the experience even more exciting. Encourage your partner to talk about what they want, how they feel, or what they like about the position.
  2. Tease and prolong: Teasing your partner by slowing down or pausing during sex can be a powerful tool in building up anticipation and prolonging the experience. This can help to build up tension and lead to more intense orgasms.
  3. Get creative with positions: The Speed Bump position can be combined with other sex positions to add variety and excitement to the experience. For example, try transitioning to the Reverse Cowgirl or Missionary position, or experiment with different variations of the Speed Bump, such as the Elevated Speed Bump or the Modified Speed Bump.

Health and safety considerations

While the Speed Bump sex position offers numerous benefits and allows for more control and customization, it’s essential to consider the physical, emotional, and safety considerations that come with this position.

Physical considerations

  1. Be aware of body alignment: In the Speed Bump position, it’s important to be aware of the alignment of the bodies. The receiving partner’s arms and legs should be in a comfortable position, with their knees not too far apart, and their arms not too far forward or backward.
  2. Avoid hyperextension: The receiving partner may be tempted to arch their back in this position to increase sensation, but hyperextension can result in back pain or injury. The receiving partner should be mindful of their body position and avoid hyperextension.
  3. Watch for knee pain: As the receiving partner is supporting their weight on their knees, this can be a high-stress position for the joints. If either partner experiences knee pain, they should take a break and stretch or use a pillow for support.

Emotional considerations

  1. Performance anxiety: Similar to the physical considerations, there may be emotional concerns around performance in the Speed Bump position. One partner may worry that they’re not pleasing the other or that they’re not doing it correctly. This can lead to anxiety, which can negatively impact the experience.
  2. Jealousy: If one partner is particularly vocal or seems to be enjoying the position more than the other, it could lead to feelings of jealousy or insecurity. This is particularly true if the position is new or if one partner has expressed discomfort or reservations about trying it.
  3. Fear of pain: The Speed Bump position can be physically demanding, particularly for the receiving partner. The fear of pain, particularly in the knees or lower back, can cause emotional distress and anxiety.

Safety considerations

  1. Tearing or injury to genitals: Rough or aggressive thrusting can lead to injury or tearing of the genitals. It is important to start slowly and communicate with your partner to ensure that you are both comfortable and safe. Use plenty of lubrication to reduce friction and consider using condoms or other protection to reduce the risk of STIs.
  2. Falling off the bed or surface: The Speed Bump position requires a lot of balance and coordination from the receiver. This can be dangerous if the bed or surface isn’t sturdy or stable. Make sure the surface you’re using is secure and free from hazards like sharp edges or objects.
  3. Neck and back injuries: The Speed Bump position puts a lot of pressure on the neck and back of the receiver. This can lead to serious injuries if the receiver loses their balance or if their partner accidentally thrusts too hard. To avoid this, always start slowly and communicate with your partner to ensure that you are both comfortable and safe.

Variations of Speed Bump position

The Speed Bump position can be varied in several ways to create new and exciting experiences for both partners. Some common modifications of Speed Bump sex position include:

  • Kneeling Speed Bump: In this variation, the penetrating partner kneels behind the receiving partner who is on their hands and knees. The penetrating partner can vary the depth and angle of penetration by adjusting their position and height.
  • Seated Speed Bump: This variation involves the penetrating partner sitting on a chair or edge of the bed with the receiving partner sitting on top of them facing away. This allows for deep penetration and the receiving partner can control the pace and angle of the thrusts.
  • Bent Over Speed Bump: In this variation, the receiving partner bends over at the waist, either standing or on all fours, while the penetrating partner enters from behind. This can allow for deep penetration and a range of angles and positions, and is a great option for those who enjoy a more submissive or dominant role in sex.

It is important to communicate with your partner about what feels good and what modifications work best for both of you.

Similar sex positions to try

  1. Turtle
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Spooning
  4. Boat
  5. Wheelbarrow


1. Why is this sex position called Speed Bump?

It’s not entirely clear why this sex position is called the “Speed Bump.” There are a few theories, but none are definitive. One theory suggests that the position’s up-and-down motion mimics the motion of a car driving over a speed bump. Another theory is that the position’s movements create a “bumpy” sensation for both partners.

Ultimately, the name of the position may just be a playful way to describe a unique and pleasurable sexual experience.

2. Is Speed Bump sex position safe during pregnancy?

The Speed Bump sex position can be safe during pregnancy with proper precautions. The primary concern during pregnancy is the risk of injury or trauma to the abdomen or uterus. The Speed Bump position can put pressure on the abdomen and uterus, especially as the pregnancy progresses and the belly expands.

To minimize the risk, try to be gentle and avoid deep penetration. The woman can control the depth and pace of penetration, and use pillows or cushions for support and to elevate the hips for more comfort. As the pregnancy advances, it is important to avoid lying on the back for extended periods of time, as this can reduce blood flow to the uterus.

Also, the position can put pressure on the knees and legs, which can be uncomfortable for some pregnant women.

During pregnancy, it is important to be mindful of positions that may be uncomfortable or pose a risk to the growing fetus. And if you’re feeling any kind of discomfort during Speed Bump, consult with a doctor to ensure that the sexual activity is safe for you and your baby.

3. Can you get pregnant in Speed Bump sex position?

Yes, pregnancy is possible in the Speed Bump sex position or any other sexual position. Pregnancy occurs when sperm fertilizes an egg, and this can happen regardless of the sexual position.

You can use contraception if you do not wish to become pregnant.



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