What is Sperm Donor?

A sperm donor is a person who voluntarily provides semen, which is the reproductive cell that contains genetic material, to a woman who intends to use it to become pregnant. Sperm donation is a form of assisted reproduction, which is used when a couple or a woman is unable to conceive a child through sexual intercourse or other means.

Sperm Donor pronunciation: / spərm – dəˈnɔːr /

Sperm Donor - Word Definition

Sperm donors may choose to donate through a sperm bank or fertility clinic, or they may choose to donate directly to the intended parent(s). The use of sperm donors is not limited to heterosexual couples, as many same-sex couples and single individuals also use sperm donors to start their families.

Additional information about Sperm Donor

  1. Sperm donation has a long history, with evidence of artificial insemination dating back thousands of years.
  2. Sperm donation can be a lucrative business for some donors, with compensation ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per donation.
  3. Sperm donors can legally limit their responsibilities to the biological offspring, although some countries have laws regulating the rights and responsibilities of sperm donors.
  4. There is a growing demand for sperm donors, particularly from single women and same-sex couples who want to start a family.

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