What is Sperm Cramp?

Sperm Cramp is a made-up term that is intended to mean a pain that men suffer from after ejaculation, much like periods in girls. The term recently became popular through memes but it may be used as a synonym for the medical term testicular torsion.

Sperm Cramp pronunciation: / sp…ôrm kram(p) /

Sperm Cramp - Word Definition

“Sperm cramp” is not a recognized medical or scientific term, and there is no clear definition of this term in a sexual context. It is not recommended to use this term in a serious or medical setting as it may be misleading and offensive.

Additional information about Sperm Cramp

  1. The term sperm cramp started as a meme.
  2. It may also mean the cramp after orgasm that some men experience.

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