What is Size Kink?

Size kink is a term used to describe a sexual preference or fetish for specific physical sizes, including body height, weight, muscle mass, genital size, breast size, or other physical features. It is an attraction towards either larger or smaller sizes compared to the average, or a particular emphasis on size as a defining feature of sexual attraction.

Size Kink pronunciation: / sahyz kink /

Size Kink - Word Definition

The origins of “size kink” as a term are unclear, but the concept of physical size as a sexual preference or fetish has been around for a long time. Size kink can be related to other forms of fetishism, including body worship, objectification, or domination/submission dynamics.

Additional information about Size Kink

  1. Size kink is a common form of fetish or sexual attraction, and many people have size preferences or fantasies that play a role in their sexual experiences.
  2. Size kink can manifest in different ways, including attraction to larger or smaller partners, specific body parts, or height differences between partners.
  3. Size kink can be experienced by people of all genders and sexual orientations, and can involve a wide range of body sizes and features.
  4. Size kink is often portrayed in popular media, including pornography and erotic literature, and can be a source of controversy or criticism.

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