What is Shotgun Kiss?

Shotgun Kiss is a kissing technique that involves one person exhaling a burst of air into the mouth of their partner while kissing. This can create a suction effect and a sensation of having air forced into the mouth, hence the name “Shotgun Kiss”.

Shotgun Kiss pronunciation: / shät-gən kis /

Shotgun Kiss - Word Definition

It is likely that Shotgun Kiss originated as a sexual slang term and became more widely known through the internet and social media. It is not a commonly used term in mainstream culture and may be considered vulgar or inappropriate by some people.

Additional information about Shotgun Kiss

  1. It can create a fun and playful moment between partners during a kiss.
  2. The sensation of having air forced into the mouth can be a turn-on for some people, but others may find it uncomfortable or unappealing.

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