What is Ruined Orgasms?

Ruined orgasms are a type of orgasm that are purposely altered or stopped before reaching a full and satisfying conclusion. This kind of sexual experience is often used in BDSM play as a form of power dynamics and control, where one partner denies the other’s orgasm for their own pleasure and enjoyment.

Ruined Orgasms pronunciation: / roo-ined ohr-gaz-uhm /

Ruined Orgasms - Word Definition

In ruined orgasms, the person still experiences some level of physical release, but the stimulation is ceased just as they are reaching the point of no return, leaving them feeling unsatisfied or frustrated. This type of play can be performed with a variety of techniques, such as abruptly withdrawing stimulation, slowing down stimulation, using overstimulation, physical or verbal humiliation, or even pain play (with consent).

Ruined orgasms are typically depicted in femdom (female domination) porn, but can be performed in any type of relationship configuration where all parties have consented. Communication is key in any BDSM play, and discussing interests and boundaries before engaging in ruined orgasm play is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, ruined orgasms should not be confused with ruined orgasms that happen unintentionally due to distractions or disruptions. These types of ruined orgasms are often referred to as “accidental ruined orgasms”.

Additional information about Ruined Orgasms

  1. Ruined orgasms can be a fetish for those into sexual control, both as the dominant or submissive.
  2. This type of play is common in pornography and often depicted as male submission/female domination (femdom).
  3. The intensity of a ruined orgasm can result in feelings of frustration and pent-up energy, even if desired.
  4. Achieving a successful ruined orgasm scene may take practice and may involve techniques such as ceasing stimulation abruptly, overstimulation, or pain play (with consent).
  5. Be aware of the physical and mental limits of both partners in a ruined orgasm scene. If either partner is feeling uncomfortable, it is crucial to stop the scene immediately and engage in aftercare.

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