What is Pompoir?

Pompoir is a sexual technique that involves the contraction and relaxation of the pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor during penetrative sex. This technique involves the vagina being contracted and relaxed around the penis, stimulating the penis without the need for either partner to move their bodies. This creates a rhythmic pulsing sensation, which can feel amazing to the person with a penis and can also lead to intense orgasms for the person being penetrated.

Pompoir pronunciation: / pom-pwahr /

Pompoir - Word Definition

The term “pompoir” is derived from the French word “pompage,” which means “to pump.”

Pompoir is believed to have originated from Eastern cultures and was once considered a secret technique known only to a select few. The technique was mentioned in the popular sexual guidebook “The Joy of Sex,” but did not include a full description of how to perform it. Pompoir requires a great deal of control over the pubococcygeus muscles and is considered more advanced than simple Kegel exercises. To practice pompoir, one must engage in regular pelvic floor exercises for several months, typically about an hour a day.

Additional information about Pompoir

  1. Pompoir requires both partners to remain still during penetration, with only the vagina moving.
  2. Practicing Pompoir may lead to stronger orgasms for the partner with a vagina.
  3. It involves the vagina pushing, pulling and twisting the penis, like milking it.
  4. Pompoir is believed to have been perfected in Eastern cultures.

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