What is Piss Kink?

A “piss kink” is a sexual fetish or interest in urine play, which can include activities such as urinating on another person, being urinated on, or drinking urine. This fetish may be enjoyed in the context of BDSM or power dynamics, and can also be a form of humiliation or degradation play.

Piss Kink pronunciation: / pɪs kɪŋk /

Piss Kink - Word Definition

The origins of the term “piss kink” are unclear, but it likely emerged in the BDSM community as a way to describe an individual’s sexual interest in urine play.

While urine play has been a taboo topic for many years, it has gained more visibility and acceptance in recent years as society becomes more sex-positive and accepting of diverse sexual practices.

Additional information about Piss Kink

  1. The term “piss kink” is a relatively new term and has gained popularity in online communities and in the BDSM community.
  2. While urine play may seem taboo to some, it is a relatively common fetish and can be a consensual and enjoyable activity for those who engage in it.
  3. Urine play can be incorporated into a variety of BDSM scenes, such as age play, domination/submission, or humiliation play.
  4. Those who enjoy urine play may enjoy the sensation of the warmth or wetness of urine on their skin, the smell or taste of urine, or the power dynamic of a dominant/submissive relationship.

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