What is Mommy Kink?

Mommy Kink refers to the practice of using motherly or nurturing roles as a part of sexual fantasy or role-playing. People who have this kink may derive sexual pleasure from imagining themselves as a dependent or “little” child or taking on a nurturing or controlling role as the “Mommy” figure. This can include activities like feeding, cuddling, and diapering, as well as more sexual activities like breast or vaginal play.

Mommy Kink pronunciation: / mɑː.mi kɪŋk /

Mommy Kink - Word Definition

The origins of Mommy Kink are unclear, but it is thought to have developed from Freudian psychoanalytic theories about the relationship between mother and child.

Some have suggested that it may have developed as a result of Freud’s theory of the Oedipus complex, in which a child desires sexual involvement with their parent of the opposite sex.

Additional information about Mommy Kink

  1. The Mommy Kink is a part of ageplay, a broader BDSM category that involves roleplaying age regression, where individuals act out younger ages than they actually are.
  2. People with Mommy Kink may prefer to use other terms like “Mama,” “Mom,” or “Mommy Domme” to describe the role they enjoy playing.
  3. Although the Mommy Kink can be perceived as taboo, it is a relatively common fetish and is not indicative of any actual incestuous desire.
  4. Mommy Kink can be practiced by people of any gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status. It is not limited to heterosexual relationships.

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