What is Erotic Lactation?

Erotic lactation refers to the sexual arousal and satisfaction that is connected to breastfeeding. It can mean getting turned on by the thought of breastfeeding, watching someone breastfeed, or actually participating in it as the person who is either breastfeeding or being breastfed. Sometimes, this is referred to as being in an adult nursing relationship or ANR.

Erotic Lactation pronunciation: / ih-roh-tik lak-tey-shun /

Erotic Lactation - Word Definition

Erotic lactation can happen after pregnancy, when the natural milk supply comes in. It can also be triggered by suckling, using a breast pump, taking supplements, or taking birth control pills. Some couples enjoy exploring this aspect of their relationship and call themselves a “nursing couple.” People can also engage in erotic lactation through role-play, such as acting like a baby and calling the breastfeeding partner “mommy”.

There are different reasons why people are drawn to erotic lactation. For some, it’s a fetish and a way to fulfill their emotional and physical desires. For others, it simply adds another level of excitement to their sex life. Some people find that breastfeeding stimulates the nerve endings in their breasts and nipples, which feels pleasurable. And some people may feel a sense of taboo or arousal knowing that they’re engaging in an activity that goes against social norms.

Additional information about Erotic Lactation

  1. Erotic lactation is a form of sexual gratification that is often misunderstood and taboo.
  2. Erotic lactation can occur as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, or it can be induced through manual stimulation or hormonal treatment.
  3. The exact origins of erotic lactation are not known, but it has been documented in various cultures throughout history, including in ancient Greece, where wet nurses would feed children who were not their own. However, erotic lactation specifically as a sexual fetish is relatively modern.
  4. Some people engage in erotic lactation as part of a BDSM dynamic, with the lactating woman in a dominant role and the person being breastfed in a submissive role.

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