What is Assigned Female at Birth?

Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB) is a term used to describe individuals who were labeled as female based on their anatomy at birth. It is a term used in the transgender community to emphasize that gender identity is separate from physical anatomy and is often a result of societal and cultural expectations.

Assigned Female at Birth pronunciation: / uh-sahyndd feh-male aht burth /

Assigned Female at Birth - Word Definition

AFAB is often used in trans, non-binary, and genderqueer communities, and not everyone who was assigned female at birth identifies as a female. Some individuals may transition to male, seeking to align their gender identity with their assigned gender, while others may identify as non-binary or another gender altogether.

Additional information about Assigned Female at Birth

  1. The process of assigning someone as male or female at birth is based on a visual assessment of the baby’s genitals, which may not always be accurate.
  2. The term “coercively assigned female at birth” (CAFAB) is used by some to stress that their gender was chosen for them by an external party.
  3. Not all intersex individuals identify as AFAB, and some reject the use of the term by transgender people who were born female.
  4. There’s no way for medical practitioners to know if a baby that appears as female at birth will become straight, gay, or transgender. Assigned gender at birth is only an external classification and does not determine a person’s true gender identity.

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