What is Anasteemaphilia?

Anasteemaphilia is a paraphilic sexual attraction to individuals who are significantly shorter than the person who experiences the attraction. This attraction may manifest as fantasies, sexual arousal, and/or sexual behavior. The term “anasteemaphilia” is derived from the Greek words “anasteema” meaning “unequal height” and “philia” meaning “love” or “attraction”. People with anasteemaphilia may enjoy engaging in sexual activities that emphasize the height difference, such as lifting or carrying their partner, or having their partner wear shoes or clothing that accentuates their shorter stature.

Anasteemaphilia pronunciation: / an-uh-steem-uh-fil-ee-uh /

Anasteemaphilia - Word Definition

The term “anasteemaphilia” was first coined by sexologist John Money in the 1980s.

Regardless of its origins, anasteemaphilia is considered a harmless and consensual sexual preference as long as it does not involve non-consensual or coercive behavior

Additional information about Anasteemaphilia

  1. Anasteemaphilia is classified as a paraphilia, which is a sexual attraction or behavior that is considered atypical or unusual.
  2. People with anasteemaphilia may experience a heightened sense of power and control over their shorter partner during sexual encounters.
  3. The fetishization of height differences is also sometimes referred to as “macrophilia” or “microphilia”, depending on whether the individual is attracted to taller or shorter partners, respectively.
  4. Anasteemaphilia is relatively uncommon, and there is limited research on its prevalence or causes.

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