What is Anal Hook?

An anal hook is a sex toy used for anal play that typically consists of a curved metal or plastic rod with a hook or loop on one end. The hook or loop can be used for a variety of purposes, such as pulling or twisting, and is often attached to a rope or chain that can be used to exert control over the person using the hook. Anal hooks are commonly used in BDSM play, and can be used in conjunction with other BDSM equipment such as restraints, collars, and whips.

Anal Hook pronunciation: / eɪnəl hʊk /

Anal Hook - Word Definition

The use of anal hooks in BDSM and sexual play is not a new phenomenon and has been depicted in various forms of art and literature throughout history. The origin of the term is not clear, but it is likely that it originated within the BDSM community.

Additional information about Anal Hook

  1. Anal hooks are not commonly used in mainstream sexual practices and are considered to be more extreme or niche.
  2. Anal hooks are often used as a form of bondage, submission, and domination in BDSM play, allowing the dominant partner to exert control over the submissive partner.
  3. Anal hooks can also be used in medical play scenarios, such as rectal examinations or procedures.
  4. Some anal hooks may have additional features, such as vibrators or electrodes for electrical stimulation.
  5. Proper hygiene and cleaning of anal hooks is important to prevent the spread of infections or bacteria.

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