What is Amorist?

An amorist is someone who is deeply interested in the experience of love and intimacy during sexual activity, rather than simply pursuing physical pleasure. For an amorist, the emotional connection and the intensity of the romantic experience are central to sexual pleasure. They prioritize building a connection with their partner and creating a strong sense of intimacy through physical touch, communication, and other means.

Amorist pronunciation: / uh-mawr-ist /

Amorist - Word Definition

The term amorist comes from the Latin word “amor,” which means “love.” It has been used in literature to describe characters who prioritize love and emotional connection in their romantic relationships, and it has also been used in philosophy to describe the pursuit of love as a guiding principle in life.

While the term is not widely used today, it can still be a useful way for individuals to describe their sexual preferences and priorities.

Additional information about Amorist

  1. The term amorist is not commonly used in everyday language, but it is still a relevant term in certain sexual contexts.
  2. Amorists tend to prioritize a deep emotional connection with their partner and may find purely physical encounters unsatisfying.
  3. Amorism can involve a greater focus on foreplay and emotional intimacy before, during, and after sexual activity.

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