What is Ambisextrous?

The term “ambisextrous” is derived from the Latin word “ambi,” which means “both,” and “sexus,” which means “sex.” In the context of sexuality, it refers to a person who is attracted to both males and females, regardless of their own gender. This term is often used as an alternative to the more commonly known terms “bisexual” or “pansexual.” Ambisextrous individuals may have varying degrees of attraction towards males and females and may or may not feel a preference for one gender over the other.

Ambisextrous pronunciation: / am-bi-sex-trous /

Ambisextrous - Word Definition

The origins of the term “ambisextrous” are unclear, but it is believed to have been coined by members of the LGBT community as a way to describe their sexuality without conforming to societal norms. While the term is not widely used outside of the LGBT community, it is gaining recognition as a valid sexual orientation.

Additional information about Ambisextrous

  1. The term “ambisextrous” was first used in the 1960s and gained popularity in the 1970s during the sexual liberation movement.
  2. Some people prefer to use this term as a way to avoid the binary nature of the terms “heterosexual” and “homosexual.”
  3. The term can be used by individuals who feel that neither “bisexual” nor “pansexual” fully captures their sexual orientation.

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