What is Amaurophilia?

Amaurophilia is a term that describes a non-sexual fascination with blindness or a preference for people who are visually impaired. It is derived from the Greek words “amaurosis,” which means “dimness or darkness,” and “philia,” which means “love” or “fondness.”

Amaurophilia pronunciation: / ah-maw-roh-fil-ee-uh /

Amaurophilia - Word Definition

As for the origin of the term, it is difficult to pinpoint its exact origins. The term “amaurophilia” has been used in various contexts, including medical and scientific literature, but it has also been co-opted by some individuals as a term for their sexual preferences.

Additional information about Amaurophilia

  1. Amaurophilia is not the same as fetishizing or objectifying people with disabilities. It is possible to appreciate and respect someone’s blindness without reducing them to a sexual object or dehumanizing them.
  2. People who identify as amaurophiles may enjoy learning about Braille, assistive technology, or other resources that are designed to help visually impaired people navigate the world.
  3. Some people who are visually impaired may feel uncomfortable or objectified if someone expresses a sexual preference for them based solely on their disability.
  4. The term “amaurophilia” is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a formal diagnosis or disorder.

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