What is Altocalciphilia?

Altocalciphilia, also known as heel fetishism, is a sexual fetish in which a person experiences sexual arousal or gratification from observing, touching, smelling, or wearing high heels. This fetish involves an attraction to the aesthetics of high heels, their sound, and the way they alter a person’s posture and gait.

Altocalciphilia pronunciation: / al-toh-kal-suh-fil-ee-uh /

Altocalciphilia - Word Definition

Altocalciphilia is thought to be related to other forms of foot fetishism, and may have its roots in childhood experiences or social conditioning.

While it is not considered a mental disorder, some individuals with altocalciphilia may benefit from therapy to help manage the fetish or related distress.

Additional information about Altocalciphilia

  1. Altocalciphilia is a relatively common fetish, with many individuals expressing an attraction to high heels.
  2. The fetish may manifest in a variety of ways, including an obsession with purchasing and collecting high heels, or an attraction to women wearing high heels.
  3. Some individuals may find that the fetish interferes with their daily lives or causes distress, while others are able to integrate it into their sexual experiences without difficulty.

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