What is Alloromantic?

Alloromantic is a term used within the asexual and aromantic community to describe people who experience romantic attraction in a way that is considered “typical” or “normal” by society. This means that alloromantic individuals are capable of experiencing romantic attraction towards others in a way that is similar to how most people experience it. Alloromantic individuals may form deep emotional connections and experience feelings of love and affection towards other individuals, and may also seek out romantic relationships and intimate partnerships.

Alloromantic pronunciation: / ah-loh-roh-man-tik /

Alloromantic - Word Definition

The term “alloromantic” was first coined within the asexual and aromantic community to provide a language for people who experience romantic attraction to identify themselves and connect with others who have similar experiences.

Additional information about Alloromantic

  1. Alloromantic individuals may still identify as asexual or aromantic if they do not experience sexual attraction or do not experience romantic attraction in the way that is considered typical by society.
  2. Alloromantic individuals may experience different forms of romantic attraction, including demiromantic attraction, where romantic feelings develop after a deep emotional bond has been established.
  3. Alloromantic individuals may also experience different types of romantic orientation, such as heteroromantic, homoromantic, or biromantic, which refer to the gender(s) that a person is romantically attracted to.

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