What is Agoraphilia?

Agoraphilia in a sexual context refers to a fetish or sexual attraction to public places or engaging in sexual activities in public spaces. People with this fetish may find the thrill and excitement of potentially being caught by others to be an integral part of their sexual experience. The fetish may include a range of sexual acts, such as exposing oneself, fondling, or sexual intercourse in public spaces, such as parks, beaches, shopping malls, or other public areas.

Agoraphilia pronunciation: / a-g-o-r-a-p-h-i-l-i-a /

Agoraphilia - Word Definition

Agoraphilia is not recognized as a recognized fetish by the psychiatric community and is not widely studied. There is also limited information available on the topic, and it is not well understood.

Additional information about Agoraphilia

  1. People with this fetish may find the risk of getting caught to be a significant part of the sexual experience.
  2. This fetish is often associated with exhibitionism, as the individual may also enjoy being watched by others during the sexual act.
  3. Engaging in sexual acts in public places is illegal in many jurisdictions, and people with this fetish should be aware of the risks involved.

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