What is Agonophilia?

Agonophilia refers to a sexual attraction to and/or arousal from physical contests or competitions, such as wrestling, grappling, or fighting. This can involve real or simulated physical activity, and may include activities like rough-and-tumble play, BDSM wrestling, or other forms of rough physical play.

Agonophilia pronunciation: / a-guh-nuh-fil-ee-uh /

Agonophilia - Word Definition

Agonophilia is believed to have originated within the BDSM and fetish communities, and is used to describe a specific sexual fetish or preference for intense physical activity or competition.

It’s worth noting that agonophilia is considered a niche fetish, and not everyone who engages in physical contests or competitions may be aroused by them in a sexual context. Additionally, people who have an agonophilia fetish may also have other fetishes or kinks, and their sexual preferences may evolve over time.

Additional information about Agonophilia

  1. It is sometimes referred to as “wrestling fetishism” or “grappling fetishism.”
  2. Agonophilia can involve a variety of physical activities, including wrestling, grappling, boxing, mixed martial arts, and other forms of combat sports.
  3. It is considered a subculture within the BDSM community, and may involve role-playing, dominance and submission, and other elements of BDSM play.

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