What is Age Play?

Age Play refers to a form of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism) role-play in which one partner takes on the role of a child, teenager, or elderly person, and the other partner takes on the role of a caretaker or authority figure such as a parent, teacher, or grandparent. The goal is to explore and experience power dynamics, submission and dominance, and create a dynamic in which one partner is “in control” and the other is “submissive.”

Age Play pronunciation: / eyj pleɪ /

Age Play - Word Definition

The origin of Age Play is not well documented, but it is believed to have emerged as a subculture within the BDSM community in the late 20th century. It has become more widely recognized and accepted in recent years, especially with the growth of the internet and online communities dedicated to BDSM and alternative sexual practices.

Age Play can take many forms and can be as simple or complex as the participants choose. It can involve role-playing, costuming, props, and various forms of BDSM play such as spanking, bondage, or humiliation. However, it is important to establish clear boundaries and communicate openly with partners to ensure that everyone involved is comfortable and consenting to the activities.

Additional information about Age Play

  1. Age Play can be an opportunity to explore power dynamics and role-playing in a sexual context.
  2. Age Play can also help individuals to explore and understand their own emotions, behaviors, and desires related to power dynamics, submission and dominance.
  3. Age Play is a popular form of role-playing in the BDSM community and is often combined with other elements such as infantilism, pet play, or schoolgirl/schoolboy role-playing.

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