What is Afterglow?

Afterglow refers to the feeling of happiness and contentment that lingers after a satisfying sexual experience. It encompasses both physical and mental sensations and can last for a period of time after the orgasm.

Afterglow pronunciation: / ˈɑːftəɡləʊ /

Afterglow - Word Definition

This feeling can encompass both physical sensations and mental states, and can last for varying lengths of time. Afterglow is a well-known and documented phenomenon in the field of sexual wellness and can greatly enhance a person’s overall sexual experience.

The term “afterglow” was originally used to describe the lingering effects of drugs, but has since been broadened to describe the feeling of euphoria that lingers following any type of peak or climax experience. In a sexual context, the afterglow specifically refers to the period of time immediately following orgasm, where physical sensations such as heart rate, breathing and hormonal levels slowly return to normal.

Additional information about Afterglow

  1. Afterglow is more than just physical sensations. It can involve feelings of bonding, intimacy, and happiness.
  2. Afterglow can improve mood, reducing stress and anxiety levels.
  3. A study found that, for many couples, feelings of afterglow lingered for 48 hours after sex, perhaps due to activation of dopamine and oxytocin receptors.

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