What is Aesthetic Attraction?

Aesthetic attraction is a type of attraction where someone finds someone else visually or aesthetically pleasing. It is a non-sexual form of attraction and is often associated with romantic or emotional feelings.

Aesthetic Attraction pronunciation: / es-thet-ik uh-truhk-shuhn /

Aesthetic Attraction - Word Definition

Aesthetic attraction can be based on various physical features such as facial features, body shape, or clothing style, as well as personality traits, sense of humor, or even the way someone walks or talks.

People who experience aesthetic attraction may feel drawn to someone without wanting to engage in sexual activities with them. This type of attraction can be experienced towards people of any gender and is a common experience for those who identify as aromantic or asexual.

Additional information about Aesthetic Attraction

  1. Aesthetic attraction is considered a valid and legitimate form of attraction, and there is no shame in admitting to it.
  2. Aesthetic attraction can play a role in self-expression and personal identity.
  3. Aesthetic attraction can be experienced alone or in combination with other types of attraction such as romantic or sexual attraction. Some people may only experience aesthetic attraction, while others may experience it.

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