What is Aegosexuality?

Aegosexuality is a sexual orientation that refers to people who exclusively feel sexually aroused by scenarios that don’t involve themselves. It is a type of asexuality, meaning that a person who identifies as aegosexual does not experience sexual attraction to others. Instead, they may feel sexually aroused when observing sexual acts, watching movies or reading books that depict sexual scenarios, but they do not have the desire to be actively involved in the sexual acts.

Aegosexuality pronunciation: / ay-go-sek-shu-al-uh-tee /

Aegosexuality - Word Definition

The term aegosexuality was coined by Dr. Anthony Bogaert, an asexuality researcher and academic, as an alternative to the older term autochori-sexuality. Aegosexuality is a more accepted term as it views this type of asexuality as a sexual orientation, rather than a paraphilia.

Aegosexuality is sometimes compared to lithsexuality, which is another type of asexuality where people feel sexual attraction under certain circumstances. However, while lithsexuals direct their sexual feelings towards others, aegosexuals do not.

Additional information about Aegosexuality

  1. Aegosexuality is a relatively new term in the field of sexuality studies.
  2. Aegosexuals are not necessarily attracted to other people, but they may feel sexually aroused by things they see or read about.
  3. Aegosexuality is not the same as celibacy or being abstinent from sex. Celibacy is a conscious choice to refrain from sexual activity, while aegosexuality is a sexual orientation where a person does not experience sexual attraction to others.

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