What is Adultery?

Adultery is a term used to describe a sexual relationship or act that is considered inappropriate or outside of the bounds of a committed relationship, typically one that is marital in nature.

Adultery pronunciation: / uh-dul-tuh-ree /

Adultery - Word Definition

The word “adultery” is derived from the Latin word “adulterium,” which means “impurity” or “violation.”

A classic example of adultery would be a married man having an affair with a single woman. This kind of relationship would be considered adulterous as the man is breaking his marriage vows by engaging in a sexual relationship with someone who is not his spouse.

Throughout history, the concept of adultery has been a topic of social, religious, and legal scrutiny. In some cultures, it has been considered a serious crime, punishable by imprisonment, fines, or even death. In others, it has been viewed as a minor infraction, worthy of only mild disapproval or social ostracism.

Additional information about Adultery

  1. Some cultures have imposed severe punishments for adultery, including death by stoning.
  2. Adultery has been the cause of many political scandals throughout history.
  3. In some cultures, people have practiced arranged marriages, making the concept of adultery less applicable.
  4. Adultery has been the subject of heated debates and controversies, with some people believing that it should be accepted as part of modern life, while others believe that it is a threat to the stability of society.

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