What is Adult Nursing Relationship?

Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) refers to a relationship between two or more individuals in which one person breastfeeds the other. It is a consensual connection that can be enjoyed by people of different genders, sexual orientations, and relationship models.

Adult Nursing Relationship pronunciation: / ad-uhlt nu-sing reh-luh-tionsh-ip /

Adult Nursing Relationship - Word Definition

The most common type of ANR involves a woman breastfeeding a man, but it can involve anyone who is interested in the act.

ANRs are often seen as taboo because breastfeeding is usually associated with a mother and her child. However, the main appeal of an ANR is the intimacy and emotional bond that is created through the act of nursing and the skin-to-skin contact. The hormone oxytocin, which is found in breast milk, helps with bonding, reduces anxiety, and promotes relaxation.

Breastfeeding adults has become a more accepted practice in recent years and there are online communities that help connect people who want to participate in ANRs. It is also possible for ANRs to be incorporated into BDSM relationships, with the lactating partner being either submissive or dominant.

Additional information about Adult Nursing Relationship

  1. Breast milk contains hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin that have a bonding and stress-reducing effect.
  2. Lactation play and breast fetish are significant factors in ANR relationships with a sexual element.
  3. ANR highlights the conflicted feelings in society towards breasts, which are both nurturing and sexualized.
  4. Lactation is not always present in ANR, as “dry nursing” or manual stimulation, pumping, and herbal remedies can also be used to start lactation.
  5. The main appeal of ANR is the intimacy, sensuality, and emotional bond that is created through breastfeeding and suckling.

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