What is Adult Breast Feeding?

Adult Breast Feeding” (ABF) refers to a fetish or sexual practice in which an adult person (usually a woman) breastfeeds another adult person (usually a man) for sexual pleasure. This can involve lactation and suckling on the breasts, or simply the stimulation of the breasts and nipples.

Adult Breast Feeding pronunciation: / a-dult b-reast f-eed-ing /

Adult Breast Feeding - Word Definition

Adult Breast Feeding or ABF is not widely accepted or recognized in mainstream society and may be considered taboo or inappropriate. Additionally, it is not recommended as it carries potential health risks, such as the transmission of diseases through bodily fluids.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that not everyone who engages in ABF is comfortable discussing it publicly, and there may be a stigma attached to this practice.

Additional information about Adult Breast Feeding

  1. ABF is not a recognized medical or biological practice, as adults do not typically produce enough milk to sustain nursing.
  2. ABF can be seen as a form of role-playing, where the individuals involved take on different, non-traditional power dynamics.
  3. Some people who engage in ABF believe it can provide comfort and relaxation, similar to the experience of breastfeeding for mothers and their infants.
  4. ABF is often associated with BDSM and power play, with one person taking on a “caregiver” role and the other a “baby” role.

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