What is Acucullophilia?

Acucullophilia is a fetish for individuals who are drawn to aspects of circumcision or are attracted to circumcised partners. A person who has this sexual preference is known as an acucullophiliac and they typically pursue partners who have been circumcised, both for sexual and romantic encounters.

Acucullophilia pronunciation: / a-kyu-kull-oh-fee-lee-uh /

Acucullophilia - Word Definition

The term “acucullophilia” comes from the Latin word “acucullum” meaning “foreskin” and “philia” meaning “friendship or fondness”.

Although the exact origins of acucullophilia are not known, it is believed to have been around for centuries, possibly since the practice of circumcision was first introduced. The preference for circumcision has been documented in various cultures and societies throughout history.

Additional information about Acucullophilia

  1. Women have expressed a preference for circumcised penises in male partners, according to surveys.
  2. Studies have shown that 34% of men who believed they were circumcised were found to be uncircumcised and vice versa.
  3. Circumcision reduces the transmission of some sexually transmitted infections, including genital herpes and HPV.
  4. The procedure of circumcision is known to reduce the transmission of HIV by 50-60% in the case of heterosexual sex with an HIV-positive partner.

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