What is Acquaintance Rape?

Acquaintance Rape is a form of sexual assault that occurs between individuals who have an existing relationship or know each other. This type of sexual assault is often facilitated by drugs or alcohol, but can also occur without the use of these substances. The victim may have consented to sexual activity at the start of the encounter, but then became uncomfortable or changed their mind and did not have the ability to revoke their consent.

Acquaintance Rape pronunciation: / ak-kwuhnt-uh ns-reyp /

Acquaintance Rape - Word Definition

Acquaintance Rape is a complex issue that often goes unreported and can be difficult to prosecute. Some common misconceptions about acquaintance rape include the belief that it is not as serious as stranger rape, that the victim must have been drunk or high, or that the victim must have led the perpetrator on.

However, these misconceptions can contribute to a culture in which sexual assault is not taken seriously and can make it difficult for victims to come forward and seek help.

Additional information about Acquaintance Rape

  1. Acquaintance Rape is the most common form of sexual assault, accounting for over 70% of all reported cases.
  2. This can occur in a variety of situations, including social events, parties, dating relationships, and even within marriages.
  3. Many victims of acquaintance rape do not report the crime because they feel ashamed, embarrassed, or fear not being believed.

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