What is Acousticophilia?

Acousticophilia is a type of fetish or para-sexual behavior where the individual experiences sexual arousal from listening to specific sounds or music. This may involve a specific genre of music, the sound of specific instruments, or even non-musical sounds such as those made by machines or animals.

Acousticophilia pronunciation: / a-koo-stik-o-fil-ee-uh /

Acousticophilia - Word Definition

Acousticophilia is not recognized as a formal psychiatric disorder, but it falls under the umbrella of paraphilia, which refers to a sexual interest or behavior that is outside of the norm. People with acousticophilia may participate in various online communities and forums where they can discuss their fetish and share experiences with others who share their interests.

Additional information about Acousticophilia

  1. Some people with acousticophilia may experience sexual arousal from listening to specific songs or musical pieces, while others may be attracted to more general sounds such as the hum of a machine or the sound of rain.
  2. People with acousticophilia may engage in sexual activities while listening to these sounds, or they may simply enjoy the sounds in a non-sexual context.
  3. There is some overlap between acousticophilia and ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), a phenomenon characterized by a tingling sensation in response to specific sounds.

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