What is Abasiophilia?

Abasiophilia is a type of paraphelia, which is a sexual attraction to non-human objects or body parts that are not typically considered sexually arousing. In the case of abasiophilia, the fetish is centered around neck braces or spinal braces, which are medical devices designed to immobilize or support the neck and spine. People with abasiophilia may find the sight of someone wearing a neck brace sexually arousing, or they may be sexually stimulated by the idea of having control over someone who is wearing a neck brace.

Abasiophilia pronunciation: / ə-bæ-zɪ-ə-ˈfɪ-lɪ-ə /

Abasiophilia - Word Definition

The term “abasiophilia” was first used by John Money of the Johns Hopkins University in 1990, and it is likely that it arose from the Greek words “abasia,” which means “inability to walk,” and “philia,” which means “friendship” or “love.” It was likely coined to describe the fetish for neck braces or spinal braces and to distinguish it from other types of fetishes and paraphilias.

Abasiophilia is considered a subcategory of klismaphilia, which is a sexual fetish for medical procedures or instruments. And some people with abasiophilia may seek out partners who actually wear neck braces or spinal braces, while others may engage in role-playing scenarios or use props to simulate the experience.

Additional information about Abasiophilia

  1. Abasiophilia is a relatively uncommon fetish and is not widely recognized or studied.
  2. People with abasiophilia may engage in role-playing scenarios where they act out medical scenarios involving neck braces or spinal braces.
  3. Some people with abasiophilia may have a strong emotional connection to neck braces or spinal braces due to past experiences with spinal injuries or conditions.

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