Gina Marino

Gina Marino is a nationally certified nutritionist, supervisor, trainer, and author. 

A lifetime Italian, she completed her medical degree at the University of Turin of Medicine in the Piedmont region of Italy. Her passion for nutrition ensures that she never passes up a chance to share diet-related trivia or humor. 

During her clinical career, she worked in inpatient and outpatient settings, often with a focus on treating underserved populations, educating patients and families, and training future nutritionists. 

As a Senior Medical Writer/Reviewer for Bed69, Gina remains a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, where she remains an adjunct faculty member. Medical writing allows her to use her passion and talent for education to help patients everywhere better understand their medical issues.

When she isn’t writing, Marino can be found crocheting for a cause, baking hundreds of holiday cookies, and reading mystery/fantasy/sci-fi.

She can usually be reached via Linkedin.

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